If you are interested in employing a foreigner in your facility, though you lack time, knowledge, HR resources and competency, we will assist you, both, in recruitment and professional personal consulting, as well as in conducting procedural activities with respect to obtaining residence and work permits. Considering that employment of foreigners is connected with a number of formalities, we offer complex servicing in this scope. We advise in matters of legality of stay within the country’s borders and legality of foreigner’s work in Poland.

Owing to their rich experience, advisers and experts of our team are able to recruit an employee suiting your company’s needs. Our recruitment process is based on the best practices and many years’ experience in recruitment sector.

Lack of workforce reserve in Polish market causes companies to seek for motivated employees from abroad.

We recruit and select candidates motivated to work in Poland and exhibiting the required specialities, as well as unqualified workers from Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Russia, Uzbekistan, Philippines, Mexico and other countries.

We guarantee effective services in terms of document management processes, which enable us to bring candidates to country, as well as with respect to obtaining legal residence and employment permits in Poland.

The greatest advantages of our consulting are:

  • Saving of your personnel’s time through entrusting recruitment process with us.
  • Avoidance of uphill tasks, requiring documentation processing connected with obtainment of residence and work permits for foreigners.
  • Effect-based settlement model.
  • Saving of economic resources — you concentrate on running your company instead of on human resource, recruitment and documentation processes.
  • No need to employ in your company additional personnel to handle the process.
  • No costly HR activities, no supervision nor management costs.

Process transparency and guarantee that we will look for another candidate if a recruited one does not meet your company’s expectations.

We are open to the needs of your company.

We offer our attention and experience in effective consulting for your company.

We will help you in optimizing your processes in selected field of activities.

Together with your company, our specialists and experts in the field of personal consulting and document management services will define precisely a schedule of actions in order to deliver the result expected by you.

Contact us, share the needs of your company and win our cooperation offer.

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