About Us

Tip Top Team is a unique group of exceptional individuals, who are united in one goal of effective action and efficient delivery of outsourcing services for human resource solutions and production support. We are under constant training and broaden our field of operations, meeting expectations of the market.

We effectively and efficiently take over a part or a whole of production or service processes, optimizing the entire organisational process of our client.

We provide outsourcing services in clients’ locations, indicated sites, or in our own service facilities. To this end, we utilise our own human resources, recruitment potential, equipment and means of transportation.

Tip Top Team is a group of companies interconnected on business level that, for years now, have been servicing a considerable and constantly growing body of long-term clients, who exemplify high levels of trust towards us, owing to our efficiency and stability.

Tip Top Team provides outsourcing services throughout Poland. Our offer features services dedicated for a client–employer and a client–employee, i.e. a person seeking employment.

In our international team, professionals manage recruitment and selection of the required personnel, including foreign personnel. Our experts effectively handle matters of obtaining residence and work permits for foreign personnel. Our specialists work with clients to create various cooperation strategies, motivation systems and proprietary human resource solutions, allowing for human resource management optimization.

If you are interested in outsourcing solutions and you want to take the responsibility for human resources entrusted with your facility, we may assist you in removing this obstacle in your business development and power your personnel with temporary work employees.

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