We take over a selected part of a given process, or an entire process (manufacturing, service) of your business and we will use our own human resources to this end.

The greatest benefits of outsourcing are:

  • Your company delegates a selected task or action.
  • No need for employing additional personnel.
  • Adjustment of resources to your actual needs.
  • Possibility of taking over our employee following an agreed period of time.
  • Switching from settlement model to efficiency model.
  • No costly HR activities, no supervision nor management costs.
  • Saving of your time and time resources of your HR department.
  • Employment costs optimization.
  • Speed of introduction of changes in your company.
  • Task delegation caters for process transparency and new view onto the decisions taken.
  • Change in loyalty behaviour of your employees.

We offer assistance in introduction of a number of operation on behalf of your company.

We will help you in optimizing your organisational processes in selected field of activities with the help of our employees, boasting specific and precise skills and qualifications.


  • Production of metal structures (welding, turnery, locksmithing, fitting services).
  • Plastics manufacturing and production of plastic products.
  • Metal processing and machining (in a broad sense, including deburring, refining).
  • Plastics processing (including manufacturing and processing of plastic products).
  • Food processing (in a broad sense, including refrigeration, meat production and bakery sectors).
  • Product quality control, discarding and selection.
  • Packaging (including packaging production and coopacking).
  • Warehouse and storage, ready-made clothing, logistics (coopacking, picking, uploading, loading and unloading works.

With many others and constantly extended areas of our activity.

Contact us, share the needs of your company and win our cooperation offer.

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